our inspiring journey

by EVA

When we arrived in the valley in the dark we where led to a yurt where we would stay for three weeks. The doors where opened and we where completely surprised. The yurt was beautiful. So cozy and snug dressed and all twinkling candles. It was such a warm welcome, and that night we also slept very quickly.

The next morning we were of course very curious where landed and we were completely surrounded by Mountains. I took a deep breath in and out. What a place, what a beautiful place. This promised a good time to be.

We where three of us – Jan Thijs, Eva and Gioia. Gioia is our little girl of one year young.

We put Gioia between the plants. She looked at us with a big smile. And immediately began to play with the lovely plants. What a discovery ! We live in the city and as soon as we can find green spots but that’s totally different than to be in this natural environment.

We decided to make a little exploring walk around. Then a blond boy walked up to us and introduced himself as Pier. He offered to show us the area. He took us along the river bank and chattered cheerful about what he was doing in everyday life. I was touched. As free as he was. So wise and full of purity. The fatigue that I felt because of the trip was gone instantly. Eventually, he took us to the rest of his family.
It felt good right away.

I decided to describe this first impression which says a lot about the wonder and joy we felt here. What for us was very typical for the rest of our stay. Every day we were happy to be there. The Yurt in the Valley, the nature, the silence, the voices of the children, the sounds of the birds, and rippling river…

We found it very inspiring to have met this family. How they live there with each other in the moment, fully in trust.

We look back with a lot of love and gratitude.

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