grow love


we can feed ourselves: thanks to nature!
our abundant garden and fresh wild edibles full of living and healing powers are part of our menu and our interest: the beauty of the unconditioned and free is irresistible…

we can teach ourselves: thanks to curiosity!
as we took the step raising our children Pier (2004), Bjirk (2008) and Ave (2013) in a free learning space, we decided to take our home with us and learn from the world, to be in different cultures and learn other languages through living with people from different nationalities. we join the Clonlara community:, a great private school which supports all unique ways of learning.

for us education is about living and learning in an environment where we can experience that everything has its own role and place in the universal playground and it’s not about the way life should be, but how it is in this moment.
where we can keep the natural curiosity and the delight of being or as they say in India: ‘sat chit ananda’ which means the state of connectedness with being.
to stay as, or unfold our true Self and learn equally and from each other, adult and child….

this is a journey to follow our intrinsic motivation, according to the wishes of our soul, to be free of illusions and grow in love.

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