about the name healing environments:
as we deeply feel that everything is whole already, nothing from that space needs to be healed and although form is not stable and won’t last, we believe that truth and sacredness can be expressed and experienced in the material world, as long as we realise that it is no more real than the unseen.

the words of Thich Nhat Hahn are an inspiration to the way we try to serve the collective field of awareness and live our life the way we do:

“ Buddhists believe that the reality of the interconnectedness of human beings, society and nature will reveal itself more and more to as we gradually recover–as we gradually cease to be possessed by anxiety, fear, and the dispersion of the mind. Among the three–human beings, society, and Nature–it is us who begin to effect change.
But in order to effect change we must recover ourselves, one must be whole. Since this requires the kind of environment favorable to one’s healing, one must seek the kind of lifestyle that is free from the destruction of one’s humanness. Efforts to change oneself are both necessary. But we know how difficult it is to change the environment if individuals themselves are not in a state of equilibrium.
To change the external environment we have to change ourselves first, and without an external environment that is healthful it becomes more difficult to change ourselves”
( from the Buddhist ecological faith statement )

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